Bath Against Cellulite – Reduce Cellulite Naturally!

Cellulite appears due to violation of the outflow of lymph, and also because of hormonal changes during certain periods of a woman’s life. Sometimes the problem occurs at a young age, which may indicate a genetic predisposition.

It is hardly necessary to recall that a large contribution to the formation of cellulite bumps makes improper diet with a predominance of fatty, sweet, smoked and salted products. It is believed that cellulite is favorable to harmful addictions: Smoking, excessive coffee drinking, etc.

Among the methods of fighting cellulite today, a special position is taken by temperature procedures. Their main advantage is the activation of blood circulation, which makes the splitting of fat cells more efficient.

High temperature combined with high humidity produces the effect of “deep cleaning” of the skin, expanding its pores and causing “breathing”. At the same time, adjacent fatty deposits are affected by two factors at once, which accelerate their splitting:

  • significantly increased rate of blood flow, including at the capillary level
  • access of oxygen, known for its oxidative properties to fatty tissue, to the deep layers of the skin.

As a result, we get an excellent drainage, which works much more efficiently than under normal temperature conditions.

Effects of bath treatments

The application of bath treatments for the problem of cellulite has many positive aspects. In the bath the pores open, the skin is cleansed from impurities, the excess fat. Moreover, this method helps to increase sweating and to normalizing the functions of the sweat glands.


The use of baths allows you:

  • Remove dead layers of the skin, to establish the hydration of its cells and start the process of recovery
  • Improve the saturation of tissues with oxygen and nutrients that rejuvenates the skin, increasing its elasticity and pores
  • Increase the permeability of the upper layer of the dermis, which increases the efficiency of cosmetic procedures
  • Improve skin color, to cope with the swelling
  • Strengthen immunity and resistance of the dermis


How to speed up the process

In order to increase the efficacy of therapy, it is possible to use special wraps, massages and peels. It is quite possible to do yourself.

Sea salt

This will require a sea salt medium grind and a tough sponge in the form of gloves.

For the procedure of steam bath should be visited 2 times. In the first call needs to be in the bath for about 15 minutes. That is the amount of time required for full relaxation of body, which is manifested in the form of perspiration.

During the second visit to the steam room is therapeutic massage. On the hand you wear the glove, take the salt and treat the problem areas, making movement from the bottom up. That allows as much to increase the flow of lymph. The procedure is performed within 3 minutes, actively trying to RUB salt into the skin.

To achieve good results, this massage is recommended for 3 months. It should be performed at least 1 time a week.


Before visiting the steam room it the skin is treated with a special mixture. This will require mix of equal parts of honey, cream and salt.

After applying the composition to gently massage problem areas and go in the steam room. In the bath you need to try to relax and stay there for 15 minutes. After the procedure, you must rinse the skin with cool water and drink warm herbal tea.

Honey-grape peel

This will require 250 ml of white grape juice and 5 grams honey.

The tool should be applied to problem areas and go into the steam room for 10 minutes. After the procedure, you can take a cool shower.

Contrast shower

To cope with the problem and allow passive methods. They include contrasting treatments designed to stimulate circulation and flow of lymph.

This allows us to cope with cellulite. For this you need to go to the steam room at least 3 times. After the first visit can be a little stand under a warm shower, then 5 minutes to sit in a warm room. After 2 and 3 approach is recommended to gradually lower the temperature in the shower, which is taking 15-20 seconds. Then you need to wrap yourself in a warm bathrobe.

Simple rules of admission

  1. Bath will not give quick results, because you need to stock up on patience. To cope with cellulite will only comprehensive approach that includes correct nutrition, sports training, execution cupping massage. You should systematically go to the sauna 1-2 times a week. This should be done a few months.
  2. A visit to the steam room should be regular. To get rid of «orange peel» in the bath should go every week.
  3. All procedures should be carried out on an empty stomach. There can only be 2-3 hours after the session ends. Do not ignore this rule because the high temperature speeds up the absorption of toxic substances in the blood. This can lead to poor health.
  4. Before visiting the steam room you need to take a warm shower.
  5. At home you can prepare the infusion of herbs and take it with you. This drink promotes the acceleration of metabolic processes, so you can quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat.

Bath is an effective means to eliminate cellulite. However, it should not be the only method of assistance. To cope with the problem of «orange peel», the need for an integrated approach. It needs to include massage, nutrition, use of cosmetics.


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