Butt Augmentation by Injections

It is here to stay. The fashion for voluptuous butts is becoming increasingly popular among women, which is proven by statistics from the United States Academy of Plastic Surgeons, which showed a 15% increase in this type of procedure, only in 2019.

And just as demand increases, options to achieve such growth increase. Although it is true that implants are still the most sought after treatments, there are a couple of other alternatives and one of them is butt injections. This option is available for those who do not want surgery, who want something quick or who do not have enough fat in the body to make a transfer. But what are the risks? To know this answer and many others, we invite you to stay and continue reading.


Butt Injections: What are They?

This is an aesthetic procedure that involves injections into the butt to provide a better appearance and helps to improve people’s self-esteem. The procedure results in much better shape and size improving its appearance.

The chosen substance is applied by injection directly into the butts, which is a simple and non-invasive treatment. The injections help to give better volume in smaller areas giving a proportional size with the rest of the body.

Before being able to go through this treatment, the specialist must evaluate the patient’s butts to see which is the area to fill and obtain a natural size.


Who Should Go for This Treatment?

Those who wish to undergo this treatment must first be evaluated by a plastic surgeon or an aesthetic specialist since the case varies from person to person. This is because there are some factors that need to be considered as your butts can lose their shape.

Usually, people who choose this procedure are those who have lost the natural shape of their buttocks because of weight loss, or due to loss of tone because of aging. On the other hand, other people have unequal glutes due to a deformity or due to the poor distribution of fat and muscle in the area.


Butt Injections Types

To increase butts, there are non-surgical alternatives that significantly decrease the recovery time and discomfort of this intervention. Nowadays, we can find two unique types of butt injections, which are:


1. Butt Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid

With this technique, a dense hyaluronic acid biocompatible gel, specially designed and showed for body use, is introduced under the skin of the butts.

Hyaluronic acid for butts augmentation is injected directly under the skin after having done a proper design of the implantation site: always above the seat line.

For this, and after applying local anesthesia, fine cannulas are inserted, for the application of the gel.

The treatment must be carried out by medical personnel duly trained in the technique and who in turn have previous experience in surgery of both permanent implants and endogenous injections.

The treatment must be carried out by medical personnel duly trained in the technique and who in turn have previous experience in surgery of both permanent implants and endogenous injections.

It is not recommended for when large quantities are desired, but it is the ideal treatment for “small remodeling”, in addition to allowing the amounts and shapes to be adapted to the needs of each patient, being able to “sculpt” the area depending on whether it is a female or masculine body.

In men, in particular, it is the perfect treatment since, firstly, large quantities are not required, and secondly, and most importantly, it does not feminize the appearance of the area, rounding it off, as occurs with surgical implantation prostheses.

This procedure can be performed between 30 and 90 minutes, does not require hospitalization, recovery is between 2 to 3 days and the results are immediate.



Duration of Results

It is a resorbable gel and therefore has limited results over time in some people and in others, it last more. In some patients, it can go up to two years, however, the average is about 18 months. However, small annual applications are recommended to maintain the result constantly.


In Which Patients Can It Be Practiced?

This intervention can be done in women of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, since it is hardly invasive. Although it usually gives good results, in some cases it is necessary to combine this treatment with another one of tension threads, as occurs when there is a case of sagging buttocks.


2. Fat Filling Procedure

The fat injection technique will help you to get firm butts and it is a great technique that offers a very natural look. It is indicated for those people who want to increase the volume of their buttocks and do not want silicone implants.

The fat injection has the advantage that it allows the surgeon to place the fat in those parts that are necessary, facilitating the modeling of the buttocks.

On the other hand, the fat injection does not have the possible drawbacks of rejection, encapsulation, infections, or asymmetries, since the body fat of the same patient is used.

It is the most used technique to increase the volume of the buttocks and consists of sucking fat from some part of the body (hips, waist, or back), and then injecting it into the areas of the buttocks that need to be treated, through two small incisions.

The fat injected intramuscularly is integrated into the body in a very high percentage, so the degree of absorption is minimal, allowing excellent long-term results. The buttock fat injection technique is performed with epidural or general anesthesia.

A special surgical girdle will be worn for 3-4 weeks after surgery to maintain the new buttock shape.

48 hours after surgery, lymphatic drainage, and ultrasound massage sessions should be started to reduce inflammation, hardness, and speed up the healing process.

Most patients can restart their exercise routine progressively after 4 to 6 weeks, in fact performing gluteal toning exercise maintains a perfect body shape.


Duration of Results

The results of this procedure may vary from person to person. When the post-procedure symptoms are gone, you will look voluptuous and natural buttocks. Over time, the body may absorb fat, but it lasts up to two years. If you perform glute exercises, it will last much longer and the results will be what you dreamed of.


In Which Patients Can It Be Practiced?

This treatment can be performed by any healthy person over 18 years of age. As mentioned previously, the fat used for the injection comes from the patient’s own body, so there is less risk of infection or rejection.


But, What Happen with Butt Augmentation with Silicone?

Injections for buttock augmentation with silicone, biopolymers, oils or hydrogel, is illegal in the United States because it involves high health risks and even death.

The vast majority of patients who inject silicone have problems, according to several plastic surgeons. But it usually takes five, seven, or more than ten years for symptoms such as discoloration, burning, inflammation, pain, or infection to appear, and in other patients, the symptoms appear within months.

According to surgeons, they claim that allergic reactions occur because the immune system tries to dissolve the injected substance, but cannot. Then it tries to isolate it and envelops it, creating permanent inflammation and over time, it becomes hard. To this, other symptoms such as fever, pain in the limb, etc. appear.

If the silicone is not injected well, the material can shift, and if injected into the muscle, it creates fibrosis, which can cause the muscle to stop working. Also, silicone cannot be removed from the muscle.

That is why clandestine injections or injections provided by people not trained in the health area should be avoided. To avoid future problems, you should visit a qualified surgeon.


What is the Butt Injections Cost?

The price for injections with hyaluronic acid will depend on the number of injections that the health professional recommends after a medical check-up. The same will apply if you want to undergo a treatment with a fat filler. It will depend on the amount of fat that the doctor must remove from your body and then purify it and re-inject it.

Still, there is a price estimate for fat injection of around $ 4,500 and for hyaluronic acid injections priced at around $ 5,000 – $ 5,500 according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


What are the Risks of Butt Injections?

When this procedure is not performed properly or when a plastic surgeon with sufficient experience is not used, as well as not having the necessary conditions and equipment or not using quality materials approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the result can be terrible for health.

Specialists warn of the risks of prohibited and/or poorly performed butt augmentation procedures, which are usually offered in garage clinics and at too low prices, dragging people to fatal outcomes.


Regarding the fat filling procedure, the risks are, among others:

  • Anemia: when more than seven liters of fat are extracted since 20% of what is removed is blood.
  • Seromas: is the accumulation of liquids that occurs when the fat is put on in a massive way and not in the form of lines, in which case it is reabsorbed.
  • Thromboembolism: occurs when fat is injected deep intramuscularly and not into subcutaneous cell tissue as it should be, which carries a high risk of channeling a vessel and forming a thrombus that can migrate to the lungs causing death.
  • Infections: given by inadequate aseptic techniques (hygiene) or poor fat management.
  • Necrosis is the death of tissue, which can occur when too much fat is injected or because the injected fat fails to revascularize, i. e., to integrate into the tissues. In this case, the necrotic tissue must be removed and grafts made, which can cause deformities.
  • Nerve injuries: when the sciatic nerve that passes through the gluteal area is affected, causing loss of sensation and motor problems.


According to the hyaluronic acid risks, we can mention:

  • An excessive inflammatory reaction can be generated in the body, motivated by the fact that the injected substance is not recognized by the body.
  • The infiltrated substance could migrate, generating complications.
  • Infection may arise from the lack of sanitary control at the place where the procedure is performed.
  • Other possible complications would be allergic reactions, changes in skin texture, or other significant skin lesions, derived from the process.


Recovery from Butt Injections

The fact that this procedure is not invasive does not mean that you should not be careful after undergoing the injections. You will need to make some changes after treatment as you may experience pain, swelling, or bruising. In the case of fat injections, the results will be seen after 2 or 3 months of treatment and care should be taken as follows:

  • You should wear a girdle or clothing that presses down enough for at least two weeks.
  • You should receive massage sessions.
  • You will have to change your diet for a high carbohydrate so that the healing is faster.
  • You will not be able to do physical activity for at least a month.
  • You will not be able to sleep on your back for at least two weeks.
  • Sit gently on a cushion.
  • Avoid sitting for a long time.


Butt Injections Benefits

Both of the procedures mentioned here offer benefits over time to make your butt look firmer. Let’s look at some advantages:

  • Treatments are done very quickly.
  • Recovery time is also fast.
  • They are less invasive procedures.
  • The results are very natural.



If you are looking to improve the appearance of your buttocks, you can resort to injections such as the use of hyaluronic acid or that of your own body fat. It is recommended that you avoid tempting offers at low costs by uncertified people in the professional area of health to avoid long-term problems. Trust an experienced surgeon. Make sure you are aware of the risks that accompany the lucrative results after getting a butt injection.

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