How to Lose Weight Without Leaving Home

Chained by four walls of the apartment, we work, study, and communicate in passive physical mode, only occasionally making runs from the refrigerator to the bed and back. The waist is floating, the pounds are growing, and the mood is rapidly deteriorating…

A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity can negatively affect health and mental health. If there is no time and opportunity to devote time to full-fledged sports training, then it is worth considering any options for getting rid of extra pounds. Even the most unexpected and, at first glance, questionable.


  1. Watch Your Posture

Over time, we forgot about the importance of this, hunched over our office desks and computers, got extra pounds and diseases. But the vertebral column is the basis and support of our body. It is only necessary to align the back and the whole body is in tone: the muscles tighten, the stomach tightens, calories are burned, and therefore the mood improves.

Calorie consumption: a smooth back during the day-minus 50 kcal.


  1. Drink More Water

Maintaining the body’s hydration level ensures its proper functioning, regulates metabolic processes, and promotes detoxification. Drinking about 2 liters of water a day increases your metabolic rate by 30%, and two glasses of water before a meal can keep you from taking an extra 90 kcal during dinner. So simple! And you don’t even need to go anywhere and do anything! Prepare a place on the desktop for a bottle of water and drink small portions throughout the day.

Calorie consumption: drink cool water, the body will spend additional calories on warming it-minus 60 kcal per 1 liter.


  1. Stretch as Often as Possible

It is difficult to find a worthy replacement for a full-fledged workout, but you can keep your body in shape without putting much effort and time. The most accessible, fast and enjoyable form of such sports activities can be stretching. It is recommended to do it almost anywhere: in bed immediately after waking up, at the Desk during a break, sitting on the sofa and watching a new exciting series. Stretching relieves pain and tension in the muscles, develops flexibility and endurance of the entire body, and even stabilizes blood pressure.

Calorie consumption: 5-10 minutes of stretching in the morning-minus 30 kcal.


  1. Prepare Healthy Snacks

Relaxed atmosphere of a home environment has a great impact on your eating habits. It is a well-known fact that two-thirds of all adults snack at least twice a day, so choosing the right snacks (nuts, Greek yogurt, low-calorie snacks) will help maintain the level of necessary energy, as well as satisfy hunger, without gaining extra pounds. But do not get too carried away with snacks and turn them into full-fledged meals.

Calorie consumption: the main rule of snacking-it should not include more than 150 kcal.


  1. Replace the Chair with a Fitball

It is easy to turn working time at the computer into an energy-burning workout. It is only necessary to replace the work chair or computer chair with a fitball. This simple technique will help to strengthen the muscles of the back, buttocks, legs and additionally spend about 100 calories a day! The idea of sitting on a fitness ball instead of a traditional office chair is that instability of the ball requires special skill and work of all muscle groups of the lower body.

Calorie consumption: depending on the working time – minus 50-100 kcal.


  1. Smile

Laughing – is there a more positive and useful activity? Listen to your favorite stand-up comedian or watch a hilarious comedy – find a way to make yourself laugh and you will have a great workout. After all, during laughter, about 400 muscles work and the metabolism is accelerated by 20%. In addition, laughter cleanses the lungs, produces endorphin (the happiness hormone), and has a positive effect on the skin.

Calorie consumption: 10-15 minutes of fervent laughter-minus 40-170 kcal.


  1. Learn Breathing Techniques

As you know, stress is a sure companion of overeating and weight gain. Being nervous, we try to “eat” our problems, and then again “eat” our feelings from the extra pounds that have appeared. This vicious circle is difficult to break, but it is possible. You need to learn to control your stress, not let it control your life. Meditation and breathing exercises are easy ways to cope with nervous tension. A deep breath, a slow exhalation, mental affirmations with a positive attitude – and the excitement will not remain a trace.

Calorie consumption: 1 hour-minus 260 kcal.


  1. Clean It Yourself

Cleaning is a home gym designed for all muscle groups. Choose an activity you like and only have time to count the lost calories. Wash floors, dust, wash dishes, clean tiles, wash clothes, clean the closet – each of these activities burns 100 calories per hour. As a reward for such work, you will receive not only melted kilograms, but also a shining apartment from cleanliness.

Calorie consumption: depends on the type and duration of activity – minus 100-500 kcal per hour.


  1. Talk on the Phone while Standing Up

Talking on the phone while you’re at home is a sacred thing. It is always pleasant to talk with your family, and it is doubly pleasant if during this chatter, fat is burned imperceptibly. This can be facilitated by one simple detail: during a conversation on the phone, it is better not to sit, but to stand or even walk around the room.

Calorie consumption: 1 hour of conversation standing-minus 200 kcal, 60 kcal more than sitting.


  1. Prepare Food

Cooking on your own is the smartest way to lose weight. After all, this way you will kill two birds with one stone. In addition to the cooking process itself, which is very time-consuming and energy-consuming, you will also find excellent, low-calorie, healthy dishes at the exit. Prepared by yourself, with love, according to carefully selected recipes. This will help you not only become slimmer, but also significantly save your family budget.

Calorie consumption: 1 hour at the stove – minus 120 kcal, and beating eggs manually – another minus 60 kcal.


  1. Relax During the Day

If you didn’t get your 7-9 hours of sleep during the night, be sure to make up for lost time during the day. In addition to feeling well, a failure in the day mode will adversely affect the condition of the muscles, skin and the hormonal system. Scientists have found that lack of sleep reduces the level of leptin – a hormone that regulates energy exchange.


  1. Play Video Games

Do you think only boys play games? And here and there. Video games stimulate the thought process and take you into your virtual world for a long time. If the feeling of hunger obsessively haunts and does not give passage, download the game and in a few minutes you will not be able to tear yourself away from an important mission. But do not forget that everything needs a measure.

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