Special Tricks to Make Your Butt Look Great

The long-awaited summer has come, which means that it’s time to put your favorite jeans on the farthest shelf of the wardrobe and get dresses, skirts and shorts. But in such clothes, you just need to look perfect!

But not all women are lucky to have perfect buttocks. Of course, you can improve their shape with proper nutrition and regular sports. But in this case, you will have to be patient and sufficiently motivated, because you will not be able to pump up your muscles quickly.

But there are some tricks that will help you make your buttocks look elastic and toned in minutes!


Do Workouts Regularly

You should exercise 3-5 times a week. When you are trying to make your butt look awesome, consider exercising each day. Pick light butt workouts, though. The last thing you want is to get an injury.

Lunges, squats, leg lifts and walking are all great options. Do them regularly, even on your weekends, to reach your goal. Don’t forget that you should drink enough water throughout the day and make smart snack choices.


Snack on Butt-Friendly Foods

There are certain foods that may help to make your butt look better and bigger. Vegetable salads, fruit salads, nuts, yogurts (avoid fruit-flavored versions), vegetable chips, hummus and peanut butter sandwich are all butt-friendly snacks to enjoy in moderation.


Wear Thongs

If you wear the wrong underwear, it’s not surprising your butt doesn’t look fabulous. There are many types of underwear; however, most women tend to wear ordinary underwear. It doesn’t mean that you should opt for fashion underwear only. Thongs may seem uncomfortable and impractical so you won’t want to wear it daily. Wear them when you want to look charming and don’t want to worry about those annoying visible panty lines.


Wear Heels

While heels don’t add girth to your butt, wearing heels improves your posture, makes you push your chest forward, and pushes your butt outward. When you wear high heels, you tighten up the muscles in your legs and glutes so you can balance. It’s a forced butt-lift! The higher the heels, the rounder and more lifted your butt will look. Heels also make your hips swing when you walk and elongate your legs. In case high heels are not for you, opt for low heels instead.


Draw Attention to Your Butt

Choose clothes that flatter your butt and draw attention to the aspects of your shape that you like, while down-playing any of your less attractive features. Poor clothing choice can make even the best body look bad, and good clothing choice can take an average looking body to be incredibly sexy.


Pay Attention to the Pockets

Pockets play a crucial role in how your butt looks. Large and deep pockets make the butt look smaller and flat. Smaller pockets make the butt look bigger. Pockets that are placed slightly lower on your cheeks give the impression that your butt is perkier.


Keep It Tight Around Your Waist

The waist-to-hip ratio is important. If you want your butt to look bigger, make your waist look smaller. Choose form-fitting clothing that’s snug at the waist. Look for materials that don’t lose elasticity. Cotton and Lycra blends provide shape longer without bagging. You want a defined waistline to create an hourglass effect.


Buy Yoga Pants

Yoga pants aren’t just for yoga. Most yoga pants are black, and any black pants mask imperfections, including cellulite. They’re also tight, which holds and sucks everything in, similar to a girdle. Pull them up as high as you can. This will make your butt look bigger. Avoid leggings. In sunlight, thin fabrics show dimples. They also look better on you indoors than they do out in public, where they can surprise you (and everyone around you) because leggings are almost transparent in natural light.


Choose Dark Clothes

If you have a big butt, you can make it look slimmer yet awesome by wearing darker skinny jeans. The dark indigo or classic black color creates the shadow that can instantly improve the look of your booty. This trick is particularly useful for ladies struggling with cellulite.


Avoid Shiny Fabrics

Satin, taffeta, silk, and similar textiles having a sheen or gloss can magnify imperfections.

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