My name is Amanda Thompson.

I am the author and creator of

I weighed almost 108 kg when I was in high school. At that time, I lived in hell: I was bullied terribly for being overweight and I could not make friends with my peers, who were mostly interested in boys and beautiful clothes. And boys laughed at me, or just pretended that they didn’t see me. I’ve shed a lot of tears through all the years. But my parents always reassured me and said that everything would change over time, and I would lose weight. However, this didn’t happen, and I endured all kinds of humiliations.

This left such a strong impression on me that I decided to go on a diet and finally lose weight. I have read a large number of books about weight loss, saw different videos, and reviewed the entire Internet. I really hoped that there was a website where I would find answers to all my questions. But alas! It was a long, self-determined and hard work.

I completely revised my diet: pizza and ice cream buckets were replaced with healthy food and small portions. This was supplemented by intensive training, as well as auxiliary vitamins, massages and various creams.

All this became a habit. And soon I didn’t notice how thin I was. I lost almost 50 kg in nine months, but I still didn’t like my figure.

My figure was similar to a pear, the top is tiny, and the butt is very large and with cellulite. I didn’t feel comfortable in tight dresses. Like all girls, I dreamed of a beautiful pumped-up butt. Many girls in my case perform buttock augmentation procedures, but I didn’t have enough money, so I had to work hard to achieve the desired result. I wanted a firm butt, so I worked hard on it – gym and proper nutrition. And I achieved an incredible result.

Now, a completely different girl is looking at me from the mirror – smiling, friendly, young and happy. A girl who is happy with transformation that happened to her.

I catch admiring glances from men, and it is insanely pleasant.

This is my small success story.

Earlier, when I read different stories about girls who lost a lot of weight, I thought it was all made up. I thought it was unrealistic. But now, having gone through it all on my own, I can say with confidence – NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. The main thing is to set the right goals and turn your dreams into realities.

Attention! I don’t advertise anything on this site. Everything I write about has been tested by personal experience.

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